This page summarizes routine surgeries performed by the Freeport Animal Hospital veterinarians.  If you have questions about services we offer that are not listed here or on our routine care page, please do not hesitate to call (815) 232-4916 between 8:00 am and 5:30 pm Monday through Friday and 8:00 am and noon on Saturday. 

For dogs, FAH offers spaying and neutering (castration) surgery.  We recommend that all dogs are spayed or neutered.  Ask your vet during the first wellness exam the recommended age for this surgery, usually before sexual maturity or 6 months old.

For cats, FAH offers spaying, neutering, and declaw services.  We recommend all cats are spayed or neutered, especially outdoor cats allowed to roam.  We recommend that outdoor cats are not declawed.  If you are considering declawing your cat, it is better for the cat to have this done at the same time as spaying or neutering than separately.  This will minimize the time the cat is under anesthetic and save you money.  Ask our vets during the first wellness exam the recommended age for these surgeries, usually before sexual maturity or 5-6 months old for neuter and 6 months old for spay.

For many species, FAH provides emergency caesarian sections. 

We provide teeth cleaning for dogs and cats, which requires the animal be put under general anesthetic.

For younger and healthy animals, we use an injectable general anesthetic.  For older or ill animals, we also have a gas anesthetic.